The Project
The ZAT Project and its various Utilities are here to make your experiences within the Crypto space safe and secure. Invest safely with ZAT’s Utilities!
ZAT Market
ZAT Market is a marketplace for freelance services within the crypto space. It offers everything a crypto project needs to succeed.
ZAT Tools
ZAT Tools is a crypto listing platform. It provides safety and security for its users, as it exclusively lists legitimate tokens from verified developers.
Escrow Services
The ZAT Project also offers Escrow services for the Crypto and FIAT market. Individuals can use our escrow platform to pay in crypto for items, services or anything you can imagine, while doing this completely safe. Ones funds are safe because our platform will hold the amount of Crypto or FIAT until the deal is finished on both sides. This service offers great opportunities, as it enables people to buy or pay anything with Crypto and/or FIAT!

Register as a Freelancer on ZAT Market or open your Escrow-account


Find and invest in verified crypto projects that are listed on ZAT Tools


Use our upcoming ZAT Exchange to directly and safely invest in crypto projects

Our Vision

Why The ZAT Project?


The ZAT Project is a crypto project with a clear vision as its driving factor. The materialization of this vision consists of several platforms, specifically ZAT Tools, ZAT Market and our upcoming ZAT Exchange. Despite the fact that these are separate platforms, they share common values.

  • All platforms are developed with the mission of the ZAT Project in mind: bringing safety, security and education to the crypto space;
  • All platforms are in each of their unique ways powered by our token, $ZATCOIN;
  • All platforms are constantly under development and worked on by the same devteam.

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With our Utilities we are Revolutionizing the Crypto Space to a safehaven for everyone to prosper in

ZAT’s Utilities

Discover and invest safely

ZAT Market

Where service supply and demand within the crypto space come together

ZAT Tools

The launchpad on which only crypto projects with the greatest utilities are launched

ZAT Exchange

Invest safely and directly in projects that are verified by dedicated developers

Roadmap 2022-2023

Our Revolutionary Road

Phase I
  • Launch of our Token
  • Release main website
  • 500+ holders
  • TechRate Audit
  • ZAT Tools V1 Platform
  • ZAT Market Beta Release
Phase II
  • 2000+ Holders
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Small Partnerships
  • Utility Development Updates
  • Certik Audit
Phase III
  • Ability to Stake ZAT
  • ZAT Escrow Service
  • NFT Release (Staking Booster)
  • 5000+ Holders
  • CEX Listing
  • Registered as Company LLC
Phase IV
  • ZAT Exchange (DEX)
  • ZAT Mobile App
  • ZAT Launchpad
  • 15000+ holders
  • Big Partnerships
  • Listing on Binance

Our Team Leaders

 Meet a Crew of Professionals

Lütfi Mars
CEO, Founder

Lutfi is the CEO and Founder of The ZAT Project and paves the way for the Team

Marketing Manager

Lev is the man in charge when it comes to all Marketing activities regarding ZAT

Community Manager

Özkan is our Community Manager and is the one to greet you once you enter our Telegram-group

Senior Developer

Karim is our Senior Developer, constantly working on all of our platforms

What is $ZPRO?

$ZPRO stands short for the ‘ZAT Project’ and is the crypto currency that powers the entire project and all of its Utilities.

How to buy $ZPRO?

Welcome to ZPRO Community. 

White List Link For Prsale :

▶️Start Date: 15-03-2022 Time: 18:00 UTC

⏹End Date:   16-03-2022 Time: 18:00 UTC


🚀 Launch: Right After Pre-sale.

📝 Contract : 0xc8c488fDbBB2E72E41710Ade67784f0812160210

When was $ZPRO launched?

$ZPRO is to be launched in the beginning of March of 2022.

Is ownership of $ZPRO renounced?

Ownership has not been renounced. This allows the token to be scalable and adaptable in the future as a utility token within the ecosystem of the ZAT Project. Which is necessary, because we will keep adding utilities to that Ecosystem.

Was $ZPRO re-launched?

No, ‘The ZAT Project’ is the evolution of the former ‘ZAT Coin’, but is a completely new token. Former holders of ‘ZAT Coin’ were however given the option to opt in early on $ZPRO.

How can I contact the team?

Above this FAQ section our team members are shown. By clicking on their social icons you can contact them directly. You can also use our regular socials to get in touch!

Is Liquidity locked?

As $ZPRO is a fairly new project, liquidity has not been  locked yet. However, this will happen soon.

What was $ZPRO's starting marketcap?

Approximately 4000USD was the starting marketcap of $ZPRO.

What is the current supply of $ZPRO?

The current supply of $ZPRO is 100 million tokens (100.000.000).

Did $ZPRO have a pre-sale?